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A Brief History of Walls Racing

Walls Racing was an up-shoot of casual party chatter at an outdoor picnic on Labor Day in 1998. Doug Smith was a dirt track racer and friend of Pat and Mike Walls. The idea that a comment "maybe we should get a race car" would become a reality happened when a truck dropped off an old Nova in about 4 major pieces and a mess of small parts on a cold fall morning. A comment to my wife about having another pile of junk scattered around the yard was something not needed. Her retort was curt. You should support your sons!

In early spring of 1999, after a major welding and body rebuild including a $200 short block from Dallas City Motors, the number 38 Nova was loaded on to a trailer and on its way to the Devil's Bowl Speedway. Looking back, this plain silver painted Nova was not a pretty site. However it was a family project that had a lot of pride as it went out of the driveway. I was still somewhat taken aback to find that my wife and young daughter had provided some of the initial financing. But it was a good decision.

Mike was the driver of the #38 and was joined by Pat in 2000 when a Monte Carlo was procured and rebuilt and commissioned as the #39. The Walls team became quality car builders and were formidable competitors at the Devils Bowl and a few other dirt tracks in the area. The blue and silver Nova and Texas flag draped Monte Carlo were familiar sights for the better part of a decade. Mike retired in 200? and Pat a year later. Pat remained at the track as tech inspector until 2013. He also begin working as tech inspector for the NHRA a few years earlier.

In 2012, Pat and Mike started a new partnership with the procurement of a 1963 Plymouth Belvedere Commando dragster. With Pat as owner and Mike as the driver, a whole new learning curve began in the fine art of racing. I guess we should all thank Mom and Laura for the initial funding. It has paid back many times its worth in family comradery.
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